Happy New Year 2019!


Well, it's a new year and time to plan for the future. I don't normally make resolutions because it seems that most of us tend to break them after a short period of time. I think that's why most of us never set goals either, because we're afraid of not meeting them and then being disappointed.

I think that this year is my year of change. So, I'm going to make some resolutions.

  1. Write in my blog every single day. Even if it's just to say "Hi!"
  2. Work on my Gold Canyon Candles business every day.
  3. Work on my website every day.
  4. Start putting myself first more and not feel guilty about it.
  5. Continue to strive to help others but not at the cost of my own sanity anymore.
  6. Realize that I'm only one person and I can't please everyone all the time. Some people are just going to be unhappy with me.

I think that these are all a solid start to getting my year to be better than years before. 2018 wasn't too bad for the 1st 3 quarters, it was the last quarter that sucked. Mostly due to illness and loss. I suffered the loss of my father and then 3 days later the loss of my father-in-law. They were both great men with many words of wisdom. Their voices will forever ring in my mind with the sound advice that they had to offer.

I do hope that you will continue to visit my site and read my blog. I do hope to have more content added as I go.

I am working on crocheting more as well. Maybe I should have added that to my resolutions. Nah, that's one of the ways I relax when I'm really stressed out. I do hope to work on something every day. I found a link for 365 Granny Squares. I think I need to attempt that. It's easy enough to complete one each day. They're small and that will be instant gratification of a completed job.

So, it's my wish for you that this year brings you much joy and success. I hope that it's the best year yet for you. 2019 is a new chapter in each of our lives and I truly hope that we write an amazing story this year.

Keep Chasing The Dream!


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