About Us


Muldrow Gal's Vision

It is my vision here at Muldrow Gal to see the members start to prosper in whatever dream they are chasing. Most will be chasing the dream of working from home and having a decent income. My vision is this website becoming a place where they can find real help and support in doing just that.

My Story

For years I have worked for other people, dreaming of a lifestyle greater than what I had. My husband and I longed for a happy balance between work and family. It took years, but we are finally fulfilling the dream of a happy family and an income that will support our desires as well as our needs.

Meet the Face Behind Muldrow Gal

Want to know who you're working with? Well, below is your introduction to the Owner/Founder of Muldrow Gal.


Rebecca Rowe

Owner & Founder

Rebecca began her career in the workforce on her 16th birthday working for A & W Hot Dogs and More. Since that time she has held several positions in different companies ranging from entry level to management. She has worked in Direct Sales as well so she has a vast knowledge of what it takes to succeed.

Next Steps...

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